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New Image Creative Group is more than a graphic design firm, it is more than a marketing firm, but we are here to PARTNER with you in any capacity when it comes to promoting your brand.  If you are a new/small business, then you already know that you are AWESOME at what you do!  The problem so often lies in effectively LETTING THE WORLD know how awesome you are.  Without a solid branding and marketing strategy, often enough attracting new clientele proves challenging.  Enter New Image Creative!  Now, you have a marketing professional at the tip of your fingers that can help you to accomplish any marketing goal that you may have without having to hire on a full-time Marketing Exec.

Shauna Blackburn

Shauna Blackburn

Owner / Lead Designer

My name is Shauna Blackburn and I have been in LOVE with graphic and marketing design for over 15 years.  What started as filling in a need at my local church quickly grew into a PASSION that I knew I wanted to pursue professionally when I “grew up.”  After a short stint in the insurance industry and a long career as an Executive Assistant in an investment firm, I finally decided that it was time.  So, I whipped up some business cards, put on a pretty jacket and off I went.  In January of 2014 I started out with ONE client and joined a Networking and Referral Sharing Club.  Today, I have the privilege of working with a client base of over 50 clients including Gibbs Heating and Cooling, Blevins Insurance, Christian Life Church,  Peace by Peace Massage Therapy, All-American Solutions and MANY MORE!


I have four fish, three kids, a dog, a bird, a WONDERFUL and supportive husband and a partridge in a pear tree.  I am an active member of an AMAZING and thriving church in Frankfort Indiana where I currently live.  I am a Muncie, Indiana native and attended Ball Sate University with a major in English.  An introvert by nature, I would much rather sit in a quiet room with my computer and make things look pretty than to work a public service job dealing with the masses day in and day out which is why this career choice is PERFECT for me!